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Southern Mutual Financial Services

Why Rent When You Can Buy?

Yes, taking on a home loan is a serious decision and a big responsibility. But buying a home rather than remaining a renter can be extremely rewarding.

You are building value - When you pay your monthly rent, that money is gone forever. When you pay a monthly house note, you are building value. At the end of your loan, you can own your home, free and clear. It may even be worth more then than when you bought it, and in any case you will have created an asset of value for yourself and your family.

You are the one reaping the rewards - There's a good chance that the place you are renting has a loan on it, too, and your rent is helping pay that loan down to build value for your landlord. Wouldn't you rather be the one getting the benefit?

You are already spending on rent, buying may be more affordable than you think - A cornerstone of Southern Mutual Financial's work is to help people become homeowners through their own ability to take control of their own finances. Same person, same job, better outcome!

Owning your own home makes you the boss - Want to paint the bathroom? Go ahead, and you pick the color. Plus, anything you do to enhance your home benefits you directly, and increases the value of your asset.

It's not just the house - SMFS has seen scads of statistics that demonstrate that home ownership is tied to success in other ways. Children tend to do better in school. The success you create for yourself by building value and owning a home reflects a solid self-confidence that can spread to other areas of your life.