SMFS is a vital part of the Louisiana RHLP, created by SMHA

Created by parent corporation Southern Mutual Help Association, Inc. (SMHA) in 1997.

The RHLP helps our bank partners reach previously untapped home loan markets as well as earn 
Ms. Mae, Celebrating Her SMFS Mortgage!

Ms. Mae, referred to SMFS through its partnership with Lafayette Consolidated Government, closed a loan - and received the keys! - for a house sold by LCG. Her SMFS monthly mortgage was less than she had been paying in rent.

Ms. Mae, Celebrating Her SMFS Mortgage!
Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit. SMFS and SMHA build bridges between the financial mainstream and the families who have been left behind. The success of the RHLP taught bank partners that low-income families are a viable lending market - a market that needs even more products and services designed to meet their needs.

Low income families pay too much for financing of consumer goods. Education on how to make an informed decision on financing of consumer goods is greatly needed. Low income families need the availability of market rate consumer financing for goods needed by new homeowners.

In its fourteen-years-plus history, Southern Mutual Financial Services has:

  • Assisted hundreds of families to become homeowners, building assets and retaining wealth;
  • Generated tens of millions of dollars in mortgage finance throughout its nine-parish Investment Area;
  • In partnership with the Louisiana Rural Home Loan Partnership, taught hundreds of families how to protect themselves from predatory lenders, gain control of their personal finances, prepare for home ownership, and care for their homes to protect the value of their investment;
Families want and can get homes if better terms are available to them, if they believe that it is really possible, if they are given technical assistance to learn how the mortgage lending process works and are counseled to reduce debt and improve credit.

SMFS created an innovative consumer loan product that allows families to purchase goods at interest rates that keep their money out of the hands of predatory lenders, and offers micro loans that help low-income people, women, and people of color start or expand small, home-based businesses that create opportunity for others in their communities. SMFS returns hope to people who traditionally have lost all hope.



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