Credit Counseling

The path you take to become a new homeowner will reflect your success in taking control of your own finances.

Southern Mutual Financial Services works closely with you to monitor and repair your credit, and to give you the knowledge and planning tools that will help you realize your dreams. Central to this process is a six-weeks financial counseling class that includes the following topics:

Budgets and Budgeting - Learn how to monitor your spending, how to create the right budget that will help you meet your goals, and how to successfully stay within a budget.

Saving to Meet My Goals - Setting specific, realistic goals is a big key to successful saving. Learn how to determine the amount you should be saving, and enjoy watching the numbers grow toward your target.

Taking Charge of My Debts - Easing your burden of debt has two components: Pay down your existing debt and be very careful about any new debt you take on. You'll learn strategies that will help you with both of these important factors in financial control.

Repairing My Credit - Bad credit is more bothersome than a bad haircut, but like a bad haircut, you can grow out of it. You'll learn the steps that can turn a shaky credit rating into a much stronger one.

Banking, Life Insurance, and Wills - You're saving money, you're looking to buy a house, you're building a financial life. Learn how to best handle and protect what you're creating, including taking care of those you care about.

Predatory Lending - Even as you improve your finances, you can be vulnerable to offers of new debt that look tempting as short-term solutions. You'll learn what to look for that will help you steer clear of lending that makes things worse in the long run.



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