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Case Studies

SMFS helps potential homeowners- whose situations keep them from qualifying for borrowing through conventional lending sources- take control of their finances and prepare themselves for home ownership. In many cases, credit ratings are improved, and financial counseling gives the borrower the tools to better manage the responsibility of paying a home loan. Borrowers can even learn basic home maintenance and repair skills that preserve their limited financial resources, and protect the value of their investment.

  • A couple determined to provide a safe and comfortable home for their children faced borrowing problems due to their credit history. This couple attended budget and credit counseling classes, established a family budget and cleared all derogatory credit issues. It was a five year journey, but they never lost sight of their goal. Not long ago, they sat down at the loan closing and soon after moved into their own home.
  • The family's mobile home was severely damaged by Hurricane Rita. There were leaks in the roof and the electrical wiring and plumbing were not in the best condition. This father and daughter team combined their income to purchase a newly renovated home.
  • The long-time resident of a mobile home, retired after 33 years of teaching, dreamed of spending her retirement years in the comfort of a newly constructed home. In 2010, her dream became a reality. Now, she is enjoying her retirement just as she dreamed - in the comfort of her new home.
  • Impacted by the 2005 and 2008 hurricanes, this family opted to relocate to higher ground with their 10 foster children, some of whom have special needs. Their mortgage loan included the purchase of land and construction of their new home.

IBERIABANK President Taylor Barras Presents Check
From left:  Lorna Bourg, (SMHA), Taylor Barras (IBERIABANK),  Clementine Matthews (SMFS)
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IBERIABANK President Taylor Barras Presents Check
SMFS Makes A Splash With A Fisher Loan

SMHA And Partners In New Orleans

Sister Helen Vinton closing another honor loan
"By owning my own home, I'm building value for the future. Thanks SMFS!"
"It is a great feeling to welcome your family into your own home."
"SMFS was with us every step of the way!"
"SMFS worked with us for a year to do everything for us to be in this wonderful home!"
"With SMFS it wasn't wait for something to happen, it was make something happen!"
Ms. Mae

Ms. Mae, referred to SMFS through its partnership with Lafayette Consolidated Government, closed a loan - and received the keys! - for a house sold by LCG. Her SMFS monthly mortgage was less than she had been paying in rent.



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